Givero vs Google – Dive into an alternative search engine comparison

In today's society, convenience shouldn't be the only driving factor behind our choices. Givero lets you support good causes whenever you search.
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John Doe

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Many people are looking for more than just convenience because we are increasingly aware of the impacts that convenience and consumerism have on our environment and our lives. From switching to bring-your-own coffee cups and cloth shopping bags, to choosing renewable energy at our electricity providers, there is a growing drive to do good as we go about our lives.

Looking for an alternative to Google?

Searching on the internet is something we take for granted. And especially now that Android devices are so popular, search almost always defaults to Google. It’s even a verb!

We often justify sticking with Google because it’s easier – it returns the results we expect, it’s easy to use and it suggests other phrases. Convenient? – Yes! 

However the monopoly of Google is questionable and the anti-competitive practices, like blocking competitors from appearing in search results has led to Google receiving massive fines over the past 5 years from the European Commission.

This also means that people are starting to ask if Google is the best choice as a search engine or if there are alternative search engines where data ethics, social responsibility, and transparency are in focus.

How does Givero compare to Google?

It’s easy to switch search engine, and we know Google is convenient, but let’s see what else you may care about, and how the two search engines compare.

Three basic jobs a search engine must fulfill:

  • It must return relevant results that are helpful to the searcher
  • It must be user-friendly and easy to use
  • It must give options to lead the searcher to relevant information
  1. Relevant search results
    Givero is powered behind the scenes by Bing, which normally returns pretty good results and is already used by millions of people worldwide. This means you get high quality and relevant results just like if you had searched on Google. The tricky part is that Google via its algorithms personalizes 
    your results so you might be more used to the order of the results on Google than on Givero. 

  2. User-friendliness
    Givero looks a lot like Google and has the same look and feel as most major search engines on the search result page.

    – Givero search result page example 
    – Google search result page example

  3. Find the right information  
    Givero wants to guide users to the result they are looking for, and in the case where you are looking for specific information, Givero has created what we call bangs. You’ve probably heard of bangs from other search engines like DuckduckGo and Qwant.  

    Givero actually has a bang for a Google search,  just type !g in the search field and you’ll be sent off to Google’s results – read more about bangs and shortcuts for search.

Givero and Google compare on more than search 

Givero hompage on a laptop

Data ethics as a focus area 

Givero is a safe and ethical search engine. And at Givero we don’t collect information about people. We are not an anonymous search engine, no search engine is, but we have:

  • the No history of your searches
  • No personal profile of you
  • No data about your exact location

For Google, you can say it’s their business model to profile people, record private search data, and give or sell this to third parties and advertisers in other Google services. These privacy violating concerns reach beyond search and into other Google services.

Neutral and unbiased results as a service

When you search with Givero, you can choose to avoid the filter bubble. You can choose personalized results or see what everyone else sees. 

Google delivers personalized, highly biased search results, always. There is no easy or reliable way around this.

Based in the EU or the US

Givero is located in Europe, complies with the EU’s strong privacy laws, and follows the GDPR regulations in the EU.

Google is US based, and according to, US-based services routinely provide data to US surveillance programs. The EU has fined Google for anti-competitive behavior on several occasions. 

Trustworthiness and transparency

We’re a Danish company and required by law to publish our accounts yearly, and we will be publishing monthly reports of earnings and donations, verified by our external auditor.

Givero’s external auditor verifies that we donate the amounts we promise, and adds remarks in our official financial statements, which are made public by the Danish tax authorities end of each financial year.

With the increasing number of scandals about data handling, anti-competitive practices, and using tax loopholes to avoid paying tax, all incurring hefty penalties from the European Commission, the business methods of Google and it’s monopolistic status is questionable.

In contrast, Google ApS Denmark provides marketing services to Google Ireland Limited and R&D services to Google LLC.  In 2017 Google ApS Denmark had an unbelievable revenue DKK 227,102,208 but only paid DKK 3,756,698 in tax.

A positive impact on society 

In a 2015 Nielson study, two-thirds of the 30,000 digital consumers they surveyed said that they care about sustainable products and would pay more for services and products from trusted brands committed to sustainability. Looking at the younger tech-savvy age groups, this rose to 74%.

It makes sense for companies to start offering  services that have a positive impact on the planet and create better options for the tools, products, and services we use every day.

Environmental impact

Givero, Bing and Google are all 100% powered by renewable energy. But when you support environmental causes that plant trees and search on Givero, you help Givero take CO2 out of the atmosphere!

Positive impact 

Givero lets you support the causes you care about, and are run as a socail business with an obligation to give away the revenues to those good causes. Your selected causes may be environmental, humanitarian, help endangered animals – it’s your choice who receives your share of our revenues, each time you search.

When you search with Google, you primarily contribute to the massive earnings for shareholders and owners of Google.  According to Ruth Porat, Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet and Google: “In 2018 we delivered strong revenue growth, up 23% year over year to $136.8 billion, and up 22% for the fourth quarter to $39.3 billion,”

Can you imagine – If Givero had the only the revenue of Google ApS Denmark in 2017 we would have paid DKK 113,551,104 to charities – and still have DKK 113,551,104 to run the business ! 

Billede: © Dyrenes Beskyttelse

An organization like WWF works to protect the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against climate change. They work with communities, politicians, and businesses to find solutions so people and nature can thrive.

Search with a purpose

It only takes a small effort from you to start helping good causes. By installing the Givero search engine, you will instantly contribute to organizations working on causes:

It’s easy to make the switch to Givero

Whether you are on mobile or on your desktop computer, you can switch to Givero from Google and help good causes, every time you search. Download Givero for desktop and mobile 
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