Givero vs Ecosia – Support one or more causes when you search

Both Givero and Ecosia lets you support a good cause whenever you search. Take a look how Givero compare with Ecosia, and how you can support the cause closest to your heart
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Many people are looking to make small changes to their every day tools so they can support the causes they care for. Bring-your-own coffee cups and cloth shopping bags, renewable energy and reducing plastic waste all help the environment. More and more products and services are now offering valid, quality and ethical choices to their customers.

Ethical search engines

Searching on the internet is something we take for granted. And many people are looking to switch from Google because of its questionable data privacy, anti-competitive and tax evasion practices that have resulted in Google being fined massive amounts in the past five years by the European Commission.

Consumers like us are discovering we can make a difference by simply choosing better products and better services, those that support the causes they believe in. And the world of search engines is no different!

There are alternative search engines where data ethics, social responsibility, and transparency are in focus. Let’s compare just two, Givero and Ecosia.

Plant trees and save the world while you search

  • Ecosia Support one specific cause and plant trees while you search

Ecosia’s mission is to get you to switch from Google to searching on Ecosia and they will plant trees (by supporting local tree-planting initiatives in deforested areas).

  • Givero makes it a personal choice and supports more causes

Here at Givero, our mission is to make the work we do count the most. We also want you to switch from Google, but off course search on Givero. On our small team, we have individual causes we feel stronger about than tree planting, and that’s why we made it a personal choice to support the causes closest to our hearts.

We want you to help the cause you feel most strongly about via Givero, whether that be fighting climate change, saving endangered animals, improving animal welfare, helping children who are at risk, or even as on Ecosia prevent deforestation by planting trees while you search.

Environmentally-friendly operation

Both Ecosia and Givero servers run on renewable energy, and you can reduce the impact by supporting tree planting organizations. With Givero you can also make your voice heard and stop fossil fuels while you search.

Helpful additional search features

Bangs are like shortcuts for search, and let you quickly jump to another platform to see results only from that platform.
Bangs are like shortcuts for search, and let you quickly jump to another platform to see results only from that platform.

Every search engine has three jobs it needs to do to be useful to searchers:

  • It must return relevant results that are helpful to the searcher
  • It must be user-friendly and easy to use
  • It must give options to lead the searcher to the right information

Both Ecosia and Givero are powered by results from the Bing search engine and its algorithms. Givero and Ecosia are both really easy to use because they look like the search engines that everyone is used to. And they are both available on multiple platforms: mobile apps on iOS and Android, and on desktop computers via browser extensions. Download Givero for your device

Givero and Ecosia offer several extra useful features that lead you to the information you seek.

Bangs – the shortcuts for search

Bangs let you quickly jump to another platform to see results only from that platform. This type of targeted search is fast and easy to use: simply type ! into the search field. For example, if you are looking for a Wikipedia result, type !w and then your search query and hit enter. 

Learn more about bangs on Givero 

On Ecosia bangs are known as tags.

Instant answers

Both Ecosia and Givero gives you Instant answers which are helpful tools that appear in the results, depending on your search query.

  • Calculator: If you enter a sum, a calculator will appear at the top of the results. 
  • Timer: Quickly start a timer from your search engine.
  • Stopwatch: Use the stopwatch to track the time you spend on a task. 

Image and video search

  • Givero has a shortcut from the menu to various image and video search sources, but we haven’t made it a priority to embed the results directly on Givero.
  • Ecosia has embedded Bing image search and YouTube video search.

Open Source – #codeforgood

Are you a developer? Contribute to a good cause by developing bangs and instant answers to Givero’s open source initiative and #codeforgood!

Search engines from Europe

But features aren’t the only thing that is important to searchers who look for a Google alternative from Europe – people also care about the ethics and operation of the search engine company. 

Givero and Ecosia are both European companies located in Europe, and comply with the EU’s strong privacy laws, and follows the Digital Market regulations in the EU.

Privacy-friendly search

Givero is a privacy-focused search engine. And at Givero we don’t collect information about people. We are not an anonymous search engine, no search engine is. Both Givero and Ecosia have the following privacy measures:

  • Search histories are not stored
  • You are not profiled
  • Data is not sold to advertisers
  • Searches are encrypted
  • No external tracking tools are used on search pages
  • “Do Not Track” settings in browsers are respected

Privacy-friendly app

The Givero app comes with built-in options to prevent tracking across the web, and you can even make it child-friendly and choose to block personalized ads across the web.

The Ecosia app does not prevent tracking when you browse the web and has some third-party tools embedded, look for the fine print in the Ecosia’s privacy policy. Ecosia also uses various third-party tools for conversion tracking, including Facebook and Google, which are known to harvest information about visitors.

Givero's Privacy-friendly app lets you browse the web without tracking and makes it safe to search the web
Givero’s Privacy-friendly app lets you browse the web without tracking and makes it safe to search the web

Trustworthiness and transparency

Both Ecosia and Givero publish monthly reports, showing how much was donated to their good causes on behalf of their searchers.

  • Givero is by law, as a Danish company required to publish our accounts yearly, and have them verified by an external, accredited auditor.

Our auditor verifies that we donate the amounts we promise and adds remarks in our official financial statements, which are made public by the Danish tax authorities end of each financial year.

Givero has made several features open source, and lets you contribute as a developer – you can #codeforgood and add bangs or instant answers at our Github repository.

  • Ecosia-gmbh is a certified B-Corp corporation – a paid certification with very high standards read more 

More ways to give with Givero

If you are only interested in planting trees, Ecosia and Givero are both great choices to do something good, every time you search. And at Givero we have the deepest respect for Ecosia’s achievements, we just want to do more.

If you want to do more, and help us and people like you save the world, Givero offers great privacy, multiple causes, and open source projects that you can contribute to as a developer. 

If you are looking for an alternative to Google, then dive into our alternative search engine comparison

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An organization like WWF works to protect the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against climate change. They work with communities, politicians, and businesses to find solutions so people and nature can thrive.

Search with a purpose

It only takes a small effort from you to start helping good causes. By installing the Givero search engine, you will instantly contribute to organizations working on causes:

It’s easy to make the switch to Givero

Whether you are on mobile or on your desktop computer, you can switch to Givero from Google and help good causes, every time you search. Download Givero for desktop and mobile 
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