Our safe search engine is built to make you feel at home

We've taken extensive measures to keep you safe and secure when you use our search engine.

The safety of our search engine makes you feel at home. 

A conscious​ data-ethical choice

Your use of Givero is protected with high-level professional grade A+ security verified by Qualys SSL .  

SSL certificate
Protocol support
Key exchange
Cipher strength

Using Givero you’re not only making an impact on the world, but it’s also choosing a personal data ethical search engine. Your online privacy is kept and we don’t keep a history of your searches or correlate it with your behavior. We don’t allow re-targeting or use of technical device data.

Knowing the searches are kept safe gives peace in mind

Donating to a good causes when you search is a great feeling, and you can use Givero knowing you are safe.

We don’t contribute to data collection for interest-based or behavioral advertising.
  • On Givero, search queries are not used to collect information to tailor your interest. 
  • We don’t share data for re-targeting purposes

If you search for “new sneakers” on Givero, your search query is only used on Givero, and not used to show ads for sneakers when you visit any other website.

Some see it as a benefit; others try to avoid it – we give you a choice. 

  • Result personalization is a way to improve the relevance of results you see. 
  • Personalized results are also known as the “filter bubble”

If you repeatedly searched for locations in London and then search for Pizza, you may see Pizza restaurants in London in the results. 

Note: researches are investigating if the filter bubble of Google is problematic e.g. when searching for political views and opinions.    

Environmentally safe data center

100% renewable energy is used to run the datacenter hosting Givero search engine servers 

The Givero servers run entirely (100%) on green energy generated from renewable resources, which keep their environmental footprint to a minimum.  

The results are delivered from Microsoft servers. Their global operations have been 100 percent carbon neutral since 2012. 

Search to reduce the impact via our tree planting partnership

One of the organizations supported by Givero is the Eden Reforestation Project. 

Givero actively uses the profit of the search engine to plant trees. For every 50 searches supporting the Eden Reforestation Project, we remove approximately 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere

Brian Schildt Laursen, from the Givero team and father to three.

A project from our hearts

“The idea of making a search engine collect money for charities is a project from our hearts, and the way people are beginning to support the causes closest to their hearts are just amazing.

I  feel blessed living in Denmark, knowing that my own three kids, a boy at 7 and two girls at 11 and 14, have almost all possibilities in life. At the same time, I have friends who grew up during civil wars, and participated as soldiers when they were 14 – that’s un imageable and horrible to think of, and it’s clear to me that I need support Save the Children with Givero”

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Thanks to you, more people will support good causes

The beauty of Givero is that it costs nothing to raise money for a good cause close to your heart. And the more people use the search engine, the more we raise together. Tell your friends they can support NGO’s dedicated to protect the environment, fight inequality and more, just by switching to Givero.

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