How to get started

Using your search engine to help raise money has never been easier or more flexible. You’re just a few steps away from earning money to good causes.

Givero works like any other search engine. The Bonus? It lets you raise money for your favorite cause by doing something you do every day – searching the web.

How it is possible to help
when you search

Like other search engines, Givero earns its money from advertisements. But if you make it your default search engine, you might sleep better tonight. Because Givero directs advertisers’ money toward a good cause you care about. When you search the web using Givero, 50% of the ad revenue goes to a good cause of your choice.

The beauty of Givero is that it costs you nothing to raise money for a good cause close to your heart. And the more people use our search engine, the more we raise together.

What our search engine can do to help you

A useful search engine with great results that donates to good causes when you search, what more can you wish for.

You can use Givero as a calculator. Just type in 2+2 or any other calculation in the search field. 

Try the calculator

Is it as easy as writing “timer 2 min” in the search field. Then the timer will start and make a sound when the time is up 

Set a timer for 10 sec now 

How long will it take? Just type “stopwatch ” in the search field. Then the stopwatch will appear, and you’ll be in control of the time.  

3,2,1 start the stopwatch now 

Our search engine makes a difference for people

Switch from Google and you’ll to join a community of people caring about the world

Every search deserves a celebration

You can always keep track of how many searches you make. The lovely little counter will show you how many searches you’ve made. We’ll love to celebrate your effort from time to time.

Givero is a safe search engine

Our safe search engine is built to make you feel at home. We’ve taken extensive measures to keep you safe and secure when you use our search engine.

Learn more about our safe search engine 

Bangs are fast and easy to use search shortcuts

Bangs are shortcuts that quickly take you to search results on other sites. They are fast, especially if you have set Givero to be your default search engine. 

If you want to try bangs out for yourself, just add the ! bang to the search field and the list of bangs will appear.

Learn more about bangs as search engine shortcuts 

Brian Schildt Laursen, from the Givero team and father to three.

A project from our hearts

“The idea of making a search engine collect money for charities is a project from our hearts, and the way people are beginning to support the causes closest to their hearts are just amazing.

I  feel blessed living in Denmark, knowing that my own three kids, a boy at 7 and two girls at 11 and 14, have almost all possibilities in life. At the same time, I have friends who grew up during civil wars, and participated as soldiers when they were 14 – that’s un imageable and horrible to think of, and it’s clear to me that I need support Save the Children with Givero”

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Thanks to you, more people will support good causes

The beauty of Givero is that it costs nothing to raise money for a good cause close to your heart. And the more people use the search engine, the more we raise together. Tell your friends they can support NGO’s dedicated to protect the environment, fight inequality and more, just by switching to Givero.

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Great choice - your searches will benefit all good causes

That’s it! – you’re ready.

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