About Givero

A Danish tech company, run as a Registered Social Enterprise

We make it possible for people like you to support good causes by doing everyday tasks, like searching online – without it costing you anything.

Our services are easy to use and remove the barrier of paying a direct donation to a good cause. You support charities simply by using our services.

“Givero is built as simple and decent technology. It’s one of very few Search engines in Europe, and the only one Danish search engine offering an alternative to Google “

Brian Schildt, Founder and owner

A Registered Social Enterprise

Givero is a registered social enterprise also called a socio-economic enterprise, it’s  private enterprise that runs a business with the purpose – through its work and earnings – to promote social and socially beneficial purposes. and must:
  1. have a social purpose,
  2. be a trader;
  3. be independent of the public;
  4. be involved and responsible in its work and
  5. have social management of its profits by applying its after-tax profit to:
    1. reinvest in its own business;
    2. invest in or donate to other registered social economy enterprises;
    3. donate to non-profit organizations with a public or charitable purpose
    4. a limited payment of dividends or other profit-sharing between the business owners. (corresponding to the initial capital plus a reasonable annual return on the initial capital and max 15%) 


Contact information

CVR number: 39785307
Address: Provstehøjen 2
Postal code and city: 4300 Holbæk
Phone: +45 26278899

 In Denmark, company details are public information and you can access official information about Givero here.

Who is behind Givero

September 2019 Givero transitioned into a Social Enterprise, with the main focus to support non-profit organizaiosn . It’s owned and run by Brian Schildt Laursen. It was founded in October 2018 in collaboration between Brian Rasmusson and Brian Schildt Laursen. 

Since november 2019, the team has been lead and owned solely by Brian Schidlt Laursen, and are based on a range of wonderful freelancers located around the world, who handle everything from copywriting and proofreading to development. 

Do you want to partcipate, please get in touch.


Making a difference by building an alternative online services 

A search on Givero instead of Google, contributes to the goal of supporting the society, rather than stockholders. Every search matters, but it’s the volume of searches that will make the difference.

Please share Givero with your friends and let’s make an impact together – the more the better. 

Thanks to you, more people will support good causes

The beauty of Givero is that it costs nothing to raise money for a good cause close to your heart. And the more people use the search engine, the more we raise together. Tell your friends they can support NGO’s dedicated to protect the environment, fight inequality and more, just by switching to Givero.

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Great choice - your searches will benefit all good causes

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